Ours really is a family story.

Jane and Haydn started Care Connect in 1995. We set our sights on creating a care service that we’d be happy to have and to give to our own family: and that’s exactly what we did.


Experience has taught us a lot. That’s why we started the PPE side of the business.

Care Connect PPE is committed to providing PPE on an ethical basis, without profiteering. We see PPE as a right, not a privilege – it’s something that all carers should have affordable access to. After months of liaising directly with manufacturers, we’re now able to bring these goods to market with an ethical and fair pricing system.


Our family remains at the core of Care Connect. That motivates how we provide care. And now what we want more than anything for Care Connect PPE is to build business relationships that will last another 25 years, and beyond.


Because access to PPE is essential and ethical, not just now but always